Upcoming Project Ideas

e-Slam Book

Most of the things are computerized... why cant this too? Save papers .

Dropbox Desktop Sync

We left the files and folders on desktop to easy access and it remind us, so why cant all our PC's and laptops should have same files on Desktop?

XML to Any

Just give an XML file and Convert it to any document. I think its already there, but just an idea of doing this by my own.

Object Counter For mobile

Let take an example: if a table have lot of pens, just took a picture of a pen and capture this table, it will tell us how many pens are there in this table. There are many senarious are there, hope there it is. But at this time I simply have overview Idea thats all.

Traffic Sign alert

Think of this situation, where you are simply driving the car, a voice from you car (computer) tells you, "Hey there is a left turn! Go Slow", if we further increase the complexity it may even end up in an automated car, isn't it ?.

HTML Tree Generator

Simple Idea, give list of text with tab and CR. It then simply converted to a User inteactive Tree Structure (We can play with JQuery here).

HTML Tabulur

Same as that of "HTML Tree Generator" instead of tree, it generate table.

About Myself

          I am D Dinesh B.Tech IT, Doing my UG Degree at Saranathan College of Engineering, Trichy. Did my schoolings at Bishop Heber Higher Secondary School, Theppakulam, Trichy. Interested in Programming - for me a Computer is a born child which can do everything what we say, problem is, it follows exactly what we say , we can teach them, practice them, even educate them finally it will teach us . That’s the Thing.
         Hobbies are listening songs(most of time melodious songs), Enjoying nature, Taking photos (acting like a photography but not ), some electronic works - one of my interest, and spending some time with friends (of-course my PC is also one of my friend) . Just now get interested in music, but 7 notes are very difficult than that of more than 100 keys in a computer key board, ahh.. Have to learn music.I have a policy that if anything went wrong from hardware to software level, try to solve it, or at least learn something from it.